I love working with people, that’s why I involve my community in all I do.

Few weeks ago, I flew home from Seattle to Maryland for Miss Ebony World Press Conference.
It’s been an amazing experience having to spread the word, a little though I would say.
First time, new people, full of ups and downs, excitement, memories, and the beginning of a new chapter.
When I left, I wasn’t sure how this trip was going to go, but I tried my best to stay positive and go into the meet with the goal of presenting my platform in another State and giving it my all.
I made 100 percent success in all my events and came home with a silver in the 100m backstroke presented by my team! I’m so grateful for the opportunity to mentor, guide, strengthen the youths out there. Boy!!!!! This year we have a lot on the plate.

My team means the world to me, and I’ve known some of them for over half my stay here in the USA. This team has become like a second family, and I have been so lucky to watch it grow and change over the years.
I give them the opportunity to grow in full transparency, to work as if it’s their own company. I love when everyone feels included.
This year, I am partnering with more and more people.
When they offered me an award, I was so happy,
What an incredible honor and a gesture that warmed my heart.

What can I say !! The first big meet is always a tough one, but I am SO proud of how this team persevered and supported each other. It was a blast spending three weeks on the beautiful unknown land surrounded by my amazing teammates and support staff.

Thank you to everyone who made the event possible, to everyone who has supported me along this journey, and to the team that made this experience extraordinary! Miss you all already!
See you again for the African Fashion Week North America 2022.

Come, let’s celebrate at the world’s most culturally diverse event featuring pageantry, awards, culture, art, performances and more.
Come make international friends while learning about our rich heritage.
Sign up at www.Afwna.com

A proceed from this fashion show & Live auction will benefit the African Immigrant Families Together that raises awareness on mental health. Visit www.weafifat.org

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