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My life experience as an Immigrant motivates me to devote myself to shifting the narratives about Africa and the African diaspora by re-branding the perception of Africa. A Land of gold that has been painted as a dark and dejected continent. Through all our programs we are dedicated to promote unity, love in the African diaspora by providing a premier event platform inspired by fashion, arts, talent, and culture.

We will achieve it by creating progressive partnerships which will lead to collaborative business opportunities for our emerging and established designers, models, and well established agencies.


Miss Ebony World is an International movement for Africans, African Americans, African Caribbeans, African Europeans, African Asians or African Hispanic descent.

The winner will have the privilege to promote and advocate a social cause to help build a better world. We need you to actualize this dream. Find out more at www.missebonyworld.org

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African Fashion week North America is an organization dedicated to promoting and improving public understanding, and appreciation of African fashion and arts through fashion shows and networking events. AFWNA aims  to shift the narratives about Africa and the African diaspora by re-branding the perception of Africa as a whole.

We are committed to empower and promote African inspired fashion and arts by providing a premier event platform that also supports entrepreneurs in building a sustainable business that is internationally recognized and promotes social change in Africa.



LuChrist company is a fairly new company in the African industries that was launched in June 2017. Our main goal is to make African prints more accessible to international audiences. We help create jobs in some of the poorest communities in the world. The Luchrist ltd is a clothing and accessories company centered on the following products: men and women African postmodern apparel, purses, handbags, bracelets, sandals, necklaces, earrings, home decoration products. Our clothing designs are made with high quality African fabrics. Our designs are exceptional, bold, and timeless. https://www.facebook.com/itsluchrist/ Website: luchrist.com


Most people have no idea about what they are capable of. That’s why l founded a platform to enhance African talent through Pageantry, Fashion, Culture, and Art. During Africa Talent Global Show, different talents will step onstage before the judges to present their first performances, they will be admitted to the competition for the next 6 months before the finale. Every last Saturday of the month we will have a session where they showcase their talent. Come listen as they share their touching stories, share your thoughts, and be part of those who pick the season 1 favorite contestant.


The African Immigrant families Together is an empowering organization for domestic violence, crisis, destruction, and Immigration threats that are running rampant in African immigrant families. We’re proud to become one of the top NGO that stands not only to help educate families on how to deal with situations as they arise, how to overcome them but also to help prevent them if possible and/or to find ways to resolve issues in families amicably. The African Culture takes pride and upholds the importance of a healthy family with core values including but not limited to support, togetherness, fraternity, resiliency, respect, dignity, integrity, and unity. Website: www.weAfifat.org

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