A passionate entrepreneur

Christelle Patricia Tsakou is a Charismatic woman who has a passion for women empowerment. Ever since she can remember, she has always cared for humanity. Having lived in Africa and immigrated to North America a few years ago, she understands the challenges and difficulties African Descent can face if they don’t successfully integrate into the community. Her platform is ” Integration and education of African Descents”
She is a follower of Christ, a wife to an amazing man, and a mother to many children.
She is the Founder of the African Immigrant Families together. An empowering organization that stands against domestic violence, destruction, and immigration threats that are running rampant in African Immigrant communities.
She also promotes multiculturalism by producing Impactful cultural and educational events that celebrate African heritage and bridge the gap between people of the African diaspora.
( Miss Ebony World and African Fashion Week North America, African Talent Show Global).
Apart from volunteering in her community, she is an entrepreneur and works in her own company that was opened at the Belliafair shopping mall in Washington State in 2017 ” Luchrist LTD”.
A few years back , Luchrist was buying from 2 African Countries, they now support young entrepreneurs from 8 Countries, and the goal is to help preserve the youths in all 54 African countries from the scourge of unemployment by buying from them.
She’s working on getting her master’s in MBA this year.

WHat inspires me?

Everyday, I am inspired by my loving husband and my beautifāul children who support me in my quest to become the best l can be. It also gives me such joy to see how empowered women become when they are finally able to see and embrace how incredibly beautiful they truly are. But more than anything, I love the feeling it gives me.

Empowering women to believe in themselves and use their unique gifts fills me to the brim with a sense of purpose and joy in making an impact for others. It’s the greatest gift my work could give me.

In her own words she says:
I’m very passionate about bringing Africa to light. A rich Continent that has been painted as a dark and dejected Continent.
My goal is to strengthen and reunite people of the African diaspora together.
I believe the first step is to have the courage to stand for our belief and build stronger communities”

–Christelle Patricia